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Mike MacKinnon

Certified Personal Trainer & Coach

Mike is a certified personal trainer that walks the talk, he lost 85 pounds of body fat in 2003 and has kept it Off. He is the Founder of FITIN20

Aside from online group classes, all the work we do is 1-on-1, or 1-on-few, depending how you would like to work out. If you’d like a partner to train with you, we can accommodate that. Train as a family? Sure! The point is our programs are focused; on you, the client, and on getting results. Our gym does not take members; it is for personal training clients only, here to train with Fit in 20’s head trainer, Mike.

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Brian Baumal

Registered Psychotherapist

As a Registered Psychotherapist, I work with clients who experience emotional and disordered eating, as well as Binge Eating Disorder and Food Addiction. Along with Tony, I help create the courses and programs that help people make peace with food and manage their weight.

While one of the main approaches is individual therapy, we can certainly discuss other options as well, such as Group Support, CBT-Groups, Psycho-Education and more formal Group Therapy options.

Recommended Reads



ABRAHIM MD Protocol for Sustainable Weight Loss and Reversal of Chronic Diseases

By Mohammed Abrahim, MD

Dr. Abrahim developed the ABRAHIM MD protocol to help identify myths and pave your way for real change. If you are looking for straightforward, factual answers to your weight and health questions, this book will be your first step towards sustainable weight and wellness.

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Food Junkies

Recovery From Food Addiction
By Vera Tarman, MD

A fact-filled guide to coping with compulsive overeating problems by an experienced addictions doctor who draws on many patients’ stories of recovery.



By Tony Vassallo
Culinary Nutritionist

  • Meal Plan Customization

  • One-on One-Support

  • Group Support

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