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Zucchini Bolognese

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Zucchini Bolognese
Zucchini Bolognese

Zucchinis are in season and my Zucchini Bolognese is a perfect way to enjoy them.

I have to say, Zucchini noodles have become a big hit in my house, or any veggie noodles in general, such as squash or beet noodles. You can make your own using a vegetable spiralizer or buy them in the produce section or they can be found with the frozen veggies. They are a great way to cut down on the carbs without losing the noodle. However, occasionally I will mix a whole wheat or spelt pasta like a linguine or spaghetti with vegetable noodles.

Make the sauce ahead of time and this makes for a satisfying dinner done assembled in a jiffy.


  • 2–3 cups zucchini noodles

  • 450 g extra-lean ground chicken or turkey

  • 1 large Vidalia or Spanish onion, diced

  • 1 large or 2 small carrots, diced

  • 1–2 celery stalks, diced or ½ cup canned

  • 1 796 ml canned tomatoes

  • 2–3 tbsp olive oil, divided

  • 2–3 cloves garlic, finely minced

  • 1 tsp dried oregano

  • Pinch of chili flakes

  • Salt and pepper to taste


1. Using heavy bottomed saucepan or cast-iron skillet, add 1 tbsp olive oil over medium high heat.

2. Sauté ground meat until brown, stirring constantly. Reduce heat as the meat begins to brown, remove and set aside on paper towels to drain any excess fat.

3. Increase heat to medium high, add remaining olive oil. Add onions, sauté until semi-translucent but not cooked through. Add garlic, herbs and seasonings, stir for one or two minutes.

4. Reduce heat to medium, add carrots and celery and stir for 2 to 4 minutes. If it begins to stick, add a little hot water.

5. Add tomatoes and their liquid.

6. Increase heat to medium high, uncovered, until it comes to a boil, stirring frequently.

7. Taste and adjusting seasonings as desired.

8. Add cooked ground meat, stir and turn heat to medium low. Simmer uncovered to allow some of liquid to evaporate, about 10 minutes.

9. Serve warm on zucchini noodles. Top with some fresh Parmesan and chopped basil.

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